HIAB Crane Modifications

Custom Modifications To All HIAB Crane Models

HIAB modifications mean you can enhance your existing kit instead of investing in a new machine, for a fraction of the price. Or consider taking on new business by extending its capabilities. The possibilities are almost endless.

You need professional HIAB engineering expertise to carry out custom HIAB modifications to meet LOLER safety standards. We have one of the best qualified HIAB teams in the country, employing two diagnostic engineers alongside other HIAB specialists. We use only official HIAB parts.

Use our engineering experience to come up with a solution to your requirements. We can create custom modification solutions for all models of HIAB crane to meet your requirements. Our team loves a challenge and enjoys nothing better than coming up with a robust and sound design to enable your HIAB to perform a new function. Call us today for an initial chat and a free quote.

What Crane Modifications Are Available?

The most common requirement is to extend the boom to provide a longer reach. For example, we recently modified a new HIAB X-138 HIDUO Crane from the supplied 2 extension model to a 4 extension one for additional extension capacity. We used HIAB extension sales kits to fit two extra extensions to the crane with no compromise to the crane’s lifting capacity or the stability of the truck. The modified crane can be operated manually, or through on-board remote control. You can read more about it here.

Typically, the modifications we have carried out fall into these categories:

  • Supply and fit HIAB lifting equipment onto trucks or trailers
  • Modify existing HIAB equipment for longer reach

All work meets LOLER requirements for safety in operation.

Your Next Step

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