HIAB Sensors and Indicators

Not only are these parts critical for maintaining the mechanical health of lifting equipment, they are also a vital safety factor. Control units depend on sensor feedback for pressure, temperature, stability and other positional data. Obtaining and displaying that information vital for the operator to use the equipment safely and efficiently. Safety is a top priority and can be compromised by faulty sensors or intermittent problems with indicators.

At Truck Loaders we stock a wide range of HIAB sensors and indicators. Because they are original HIAB parts, you know they are guaranteed to perform just like brand new equipment.  That level of quality is really important when safety is at stake.

HIAB Parts That We Stock Or Can Order Within 24 Hours

These are just some of the sensor and indicator parts we have available. Many are referenced by part number or catalogue number. Just call our very knowledgeable and highly experienced staff if you are unsure of the part reference. That’s what we are here for.


  • HIAB Tilt sensor
  • HIAB Pressure sensor
  • HIAB Temperature sensor
  • HIAB Proximity sensor
  • HIAB Spool position sensor
  • HIAB Linear sensor
  • HIAB Stroke limiter


  • HIAB Tilt indicator
  • HIAB Pressure gauge
  • HIAB Temperature gauge
  • HIAB Load indicators

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FREE next day delivery is available on most parts.  We also offer a full installation service to businesses throughout the UK.

For a wide range of HIAB spares and parts, call Truck Loaders Ltd today on 0330 999 0003 or email us at [email protected]

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