HIAB Steel Structures

The steel structures of your HIAB lifting equipment take the strain of the weight of your lifting operations. Over time, they undergo fatigue with constant stressing. They can also be damaged in accidents and require replacing.

Fortunately, the premium high tensile steel used in all HIAB steel structures means that they are exceptionally long lasting, safe and reliable. Nevertheless, some components undergo greater stress than others. There are very strong horizontal inertial forces acting in a radial direction on a load suspended from the boom during a crane or loader’s sideways slewing motion, and also on the hook or grab assembly. Failure can occur suddenly with no prior warning.

This is when you want a parts supplier who can deliver the component as quickly as possible, or even install it for you on-site or at their depot. This is what we at Truck Loaders do.

Parts Available To Replace Steel Structures

Every model has different components for inner and outer booms, boom upgrade kits, link mechanism, telescopic extensions and, of course, the base.

This is when you can draw on the knowledge and experience of our HIAB qualified engineering staff to help you determine the correct part. They can also advise on other aspects, such as what other components to check on your equipment for likely damage scenarios in the case of damage to, or failure of, a specific part.

Fast Delivery Times

Next day delivery is available on most parts.  We also offer a full installation service to businesses throughout the UK.

For a wide range of HIAB spares and parts, call Truck Loaders Ltd today on 0330 999 0003 or email us at [email protected]

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