HIAB Remote Control Systems

Remote control is an enabler for faster operation and therefore better productivity, which adds to your bottom line.

At Truck Loaders Ltd we can supply original HIAB controls and upgrades, and also carry out any required installation on your equipment, either on-site or at our depot. That way you are in the hands of qualified HIAB engineers who know your equipment back to front meaning you are assured of a professional, competent and reliable job.

We also test units that may appear to be faulty, and we repair where necessary using original HIAB parts with a full manufacturer’s guarantee.

Why Upgrade To Remote Control?

New technology means better control units. Remote control is fast becoming a standard option with many new HIAB loading models because it makes sense. We can retrofit remote controls to most older equipment to deliver the benefits for existing users.

  • Better safety because the operator can walk around to ensure nobody gets in the way and obstructions are avoided.
  • Remote controls give the operator better visibility of the loads and the loading/landing area. That means they work faster with more loads completed. That amounts to better productivity.
  • Controls with joysticks and levers are familiar to younger operators who have been playing video games, but that means they are also easy to use for everybody, regardless of age.

What Options Can I Order?

  • Upgrade kits – to retrofit to many models
  • Full radio controller – ideal for more complex HIAB loaders/cranes

Take advantage of our knowledgeable and expert spares personnel and engineers. They can advise on what options are available you’re your HIAB equipment.

Fast Delivery Times

FREE next day delivery is available on most parts.  We also offer a full installation service to businesses throughout the UK.

For a wide range of HIAB spares and parts, call Truck Loaders Ltd today on 0330 999 0003 or email us at [email protected]

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