HIAB Slide Pads

Slide pads inside linear motion components such as boom extensions are important for the proper functioning of your HIAB equipment. They deliver benefits such as:

  • Low friction coefficient that reduces linear sliding wear on steel structures
  • Reduce the play between the surfaces of sliding frames
  • Provide high strength support
  • Reduce noise

It pays to inspect slide pads regularly and to adjust or replace them as necessary to maintain the precision working of your equipment and avoid unexpected downtime and emergency repairs. Businesses that take advantage of our service packages know that our inspection program greatly helps to avoid unwanted surprises like worn slide pads.

Parts Available Obviously Vary By Model But Include:

  • Slide pads
  • Slide pad holders
  • Slide pad blocks
  • Slide pad kits
  • Slide pad shims
  • … and more

How To Order

Call or email us using the details below and speak with our experienced staff. If you need any guidance or advice about what slide pads to order for your specific HIAB equipment, they will be delighted to assist you. It’s obviously important to get the right part first time to avoid delays and to get your equipment back in operation as quickly as possible.

If any parts are not held in stock by us, we can obtain them within 24 hours.

Order an extensive range of HIAB spares and parts by calling 0330 999 0003 or by emailing [email protected]

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